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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Anchorage to Matanuska Glacier

The most important thing to do when you get to Anchorage is to leave!  Everyone arrived safe and sound, and on schedule on Thursday, just one missing/delayed bag that eventually caught up to us.  We started our trip with visits to the Alaska Volcano Observatory at the United States Geological Survey in Anchorage and the West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center.  We figured visiting them before we spent three weeks camping and hiking across Alaska was a better way to guarantee invitations in the future.  Today with some blue sky we took on Matanuska Glacier just to get our feet (or butts) wet and to understand some of the processes that shape the landscape that we will be working in for the next few weeks.  Tomorrow we head further east and north to the headwaters of the Delta River in the Central Range.  It will be chilly - but if it wasn't cold it wouldn't seem like Alaska.  Everyone is doing well - but maybe not over the jet lag yet as most of the group was up before 7am this morning - when has that ever happened!?

June 18 - West Coast Tsunami Warning Center

June 19 - Matanuska Glacier

June 19 - Walking on Matanuska


  1. The posted pictures look great. Back in New England it is in the 80's and 90's and very humid. I would love to trade places with you guys. Keep having FUN!!!

  2. Hey, Kyra, I just saw the 3 pictures. They look good! It looks refreshing where you are. I'm jealous! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip. Have fun!

  3. Great to see the start of the adventure. Everyone looks as relaxed on a glacier as they do on the sidewalk. Good start.
    Jackie's Mom

  4. Great pix. At least we now know our children are alive! And based on the smiles, alive and HAPPY. Looks like winter! Beats the weather here! But, then what would we have to complain about! Work hard and have fun. Looking forward to all the stories.

  5. Aah, the great wilderness. I've heard it is one of the most majestic places in the world. The perfect place for our little angels. Stay sweet and have fun!

  6. Great pictures - even better to see the snow and ice and pine for ski season as we swelter back here on the east coast. Very refreshing. For any Red Sox fans the BoSox are 1 game out of first and have the second best record in major league baseball behind the evil empire (need we say more). Have fun, keep sharing thoughts and pictures, learn lots, make a difference, and enjoy the adventure of your lives. Been there in the winter and can't imagine the beauty you are experiencing in the land of the midnight sun as we reach the summer solstice. Any luck fishing?

  7. Need more pictures! How's the lack of running water working for everybody? Already dreaming about that first hot shower at home?! Hope we don't read about an oil leak up there after your visit to the Pipeline, already got one of those down here,as you know!

  8. Sarah and gang - the pictures are great! Makes us wish we were there with you. Any wild life (besides you guys) :):)
    Love you sarah

  9. Mikes aunt is charting your progress on a landsat map of AK! Helps to have another geologist in the family! I hope you guys catch some salmon And if it looks like a giant dog its not! Have fun-