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Friday, July 2, 2010

Pictures from Cordova and Orca Bay

A quick photo update and recap of the last few days.  We got into Cordova with a welcoming rain and as it turned out kind of a dark evening!  We spent our first full day in Cordova exploring Orca Bay and surrounding area.  Part of the group spent some time in Kayaks - by far more fun than canoes according the group (personally I think weather and a lack of any current factored heavily into that decision), while one part of the group spent time collecting some samples (sedimentary rocks and some granites) that will be analyzed in the lab at Union this fall (part of a LOTE 2009 alum's thesis work - Denise yes we did pick up Tyler!).   An update for the wildlife watchers - we did see a baby black bear this morning (from the van - best way to see it). 

Thanks for all your comments - they are a lot of fun to read - everyone loves them.
Mike DeLuca - on the look out for sea life while traversing the eastern side of Prince William Sound aboard the Aurora

Already for Orca Bay - Nicole and Sasha - June 29

Gozzie and Kyra - sea kayaking Orca Bay - June 29

Lauren - my kayaking partner and able sterner - Orca Bay - June 29

Zoe and Mike DeLuca - Orca Bay - June 29

Sasha (and Nicole in the bow) and Otters to the right - Orca Bay - June 29

Sam and Sarah - Otters in front - Orca Bay - June 29

Sarah and Sam - Orca Bay - June 29

Sam - Orca Bay - June 29

Sarah - Observation Island (where we had lunch on our sea-kayak day - she is just coming back from checking out the starfish) June 29

Zoe, Mike, Nicole and Sasha - sea kayaking - Orca Bay - June 29

John - manning the skiff that took Mike Sachs, Colleen and Tyler out of Orca Bay into Sheep Bay to collect samples for Tyler's thesis - June 29

Beginning of Childs Glacier hike - June 30 - Million Dollar Bridge in the background

Living On The Edge - 2010 group shot - June 30 - Childs Glacier

Checking out a moulin on Childs Glacier - June 30
Colleen and a crevasse on Childs Glacier - June 30

Mike Sachs and Tyler (2009 LOTE alum with us this week to collect some samples for his senior thesis research) - Kayaking through Alaganik Slough (July 1)

Alaganik River canoe/kayak trip - July 1 - Gozzie and me

Zoe, Nicole and Sasha - Alaganik River Canoe trip - July 1
Krya, Sarah, John - Alaganik Canoe - July 1

Mike Sachs and Noah (Cordova local and lucky fisherman) with a Red Salmon freshly caught - July 2


  1. Orca Bay looks beautiful with the calm water and low clouds! Kyra, you look like you are enjoying kayaking much more than cross-country canoeing. Your Red Sox are only a half game behind the Yankees...for now.
    Here in Mass. we have had 4 or 5 days with very low humidity and temps in the 70's and low 80's. No fans or AC needed. The heat is coming though...we are supposed to get 4 days of insane humidity and temps in the mid to upper 90's.
    Enjoy the 4th of July, although it is probably too light at night for fireworks there. It is hard to believe that you guys have a little more than a week left in Alaska!!!

  2. Hello to all from Maine! We have loved following your adventures from afar and hope that everyone is having an amazing time. This is an experience of a lifetime and we can't wait to hear more stories and see all the pictures chronicling this amazing adventure! Sending you a big "bear hug" and with lots of love, Mommy & Daddy Blatt

  3. Great pix. Orca Bay looks aawesome. "Checking out the starfish?" Must be some LOTE code for something we probably don't want to know about!And who knew you were all so adept at getting places via canoe/kayak? Guess you won't be needing the car when you get back?! Love you, miss you. Be safe.